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I was walking by a store in Manhattan Beach this afternoon and saw a sign in their window that said “Like Us On Facebook.”  I thought to myself, “who is going to open Facebook, look up that store, and “like” it.  That’s way too much of a hastle.  If they would’ve put a QR Code under the message, people would be able to scan the code that would take them to the company’s FB page, and click “like.”  Two clicks on the phone may get customers to like your page, but not opening the FB App or page, searching for the store, and then liking the page.

If you are going to use QR Code technology, it’s important that you use it correctly.  Make sure it takes the user to the correct page and make sure that that page is “mobile friendly.”


Radius Mobile Apps creates QR codes that take potential customers and clients to the appropriate App Store (iTunes or Android Market) to download your app.  We can also include a QR reader in your app so your users have an extra tool to help them navigate through this crazy mobile world:)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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