Dunkin Donuts Mobile App

I was so happy when I started seeing Dunkin Donuts coffee in our Socal grocery stores a few years ago.  More recently, I really got excited to hear that they will be opening stores in Socal.  Now, I can pay for my coffee (and occasional donut) with my Dunkin Donuts App!!!!!  Mobile apps are simplifying the way things are done, paid for, etc.


Mobile apps used to be only for large companies.  Now, small businesses can benefit from a custom app as well.  Businesses can offer coupons and  loyalty rewards directly through an app.  Customers can book a table at a restaurant, order food online, etc..

One of my more recent favorite mobile apps, is Fresh Brothers Pizza.  It’s my favorite pizza in the South Bay, so I’d order from there without the app, but now they made it easier for me.   I can see specials and my recent orders.  My address and CC # are stored on there, so I can pay through it, and my pizza arrives at my door 30 minutes later.  Love it!  If you haven’t tried Fresh Brothers yet, you should!

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