Mobile App Market To Double

This year there will be more than six apps downloaded per person in the world. Is your app one of them? If you don’t have your own app yet, are you ready to join the app marketplace? Radius Mobile Apps can help! Contact us for more information.

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Mobile App Makes Texting While Driving Virtually Impossible

Here’s a neat app that people will be hesitant to download:)  If texting while driving is a bad habit of yours, maybe this is your solution?  Check out the article: Have a great weekend! -Todd

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Mobile Apps Benefits For Small Business

Good article on the benefits of an app for a small business….

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Fast food restaurants use QR codes to elevate mobile check-ins

Wendy’s, Taco Bell, KFC, McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants are using QR codes elevate mobile check-ins. This technology is not only limited to large corporations anymore.  Small businesses can also use QR technology to grow their businesses.  Radius Mobile Apps helps small businesses join the mobile app market to increase revenue.  If you’re […]

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How are you promoting your mobile app?

Half of the battle with having your own mobile app is getting potential clients/customers to download it.  This article shares 6 strategies for promoting your new app:

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The future of social media is mobile!!

If you currently have a custom mobile app to promote your brand, it’s important to spread the word by using your social media sites. Check out this article “How to create an effective mobile, social campaign”: Happy Friday everyone! -Todd

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Good morning real estate friends, Check out this article about some of the more popular real estate mobile apps: Radius Mobile Apps is working on a custom mobile app product designed specifically for individual real estate agents.  Like our facebook page for the latest updates and information. Have a great Wednesday! -Todd

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Dunkin Donuts Mobile App

I was so happy when I started seeing Dunkin Donuts coffee in our Socal grocery stores a few years ago.  More recently, I really got excited to hear that they will be opening stores in Socal.  Now, I can pay for my coffee (and occasional donut) with my Dunkin Donuts App!!!!!  Mobile apps are simplifying […]

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Mobile Push Messages

One of the biggest advantages of having a custom mobile app is the ability to send push messages.  Businesses are using mobile push message technology to get information to their customer’s mobile phones.  Push messages have an open rate of roughly 97% as opposed to marketing emails, which have an open rate of about 23%.  […]

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Mobilize Your Small Business

The future of marketing your small business is now here.  Take a look around.  People are staring at their phones all day long.  I heard a marketing expert talk once, and he said “go where they eyes are.” Some features of a custom mobile app are integration with your social media sites, a calendar […]

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